KAIZEN OR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is one of the two pillars of the Toyota Way which is the guiding beacon of the global Toyota. It defines how the people of Toyota perform & behave in order to deliver value to our stakeholders.

Kai” is defined as change while “Zen,” as what is more commonly known “for the better or good.” KAI-ZEN THEREFORE IS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER OR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. It is THE NEVER-ENDING QUEST FOR PROGRESS. KAIZEN believes that “there’s always a better way to do things”.

It is the pursuit of customer satisfaction that drives us to continuously strive for improvement in our service, process and facility. All of the best efforts only to bring smile to our customers. Kaizen is our weapon to keep up with the fast changing demands of the market. With Kaizen, it is possible to surmount all the challenges along the way.

KAIZEN is our SECRET to sustain Customer Service #1

Don Juan Miguel Cosco Oben, TMR Vice Chairman